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Who we are? is one of the largest Albanian web-portal established in 2007. Apart from the main services that we offer, we also deal with various projects that are dedicated to integration ...» more

Emigranti »

Emigranti is a leading project dedicated to the Albanian diaspora’s integration and organization. It offers information, guidelines, brochures and other materials that serve the purpose of ...» more

Goal (Objectives) »

With the latest development of social media, we found necessary to develop a project that will assist Albanian immigrants widely, thus we established project”Emigranti”. This project will meet ...» more

Statistics »

Based on our stats, have reached concrete results during its 6 years history. Please find below some of our statistics, taken from the last month (June)....» more

Partners »

We are open to various forms of cooperation and everybody is welcome to join us on both sides of interest. As one of the largest Albanian website, we continue to raise our cooperation ...» more

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Faton Krasniqi
Tel.: +358 50 306 8542

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